Round ten – who’s round is it anyway. Hamer!!!

Paul Hills Kings Head 30th August 2011 – The Kings Head Norwich

The Kings head was hosting us well despite Mr Hills almost determined efforts to get us all banned. This begins with a sudden burst of laughter from his table and a banging fist that sends four drinks flying. The pub falls into silence then he screams “Your fired” the pub resumes chatting our “American Werewolf in London” moment is over … Again!

Mr Hills solves any problems with a quick word with the landlord and he buys him a drink and a new round on Paul Hamer’s tab. This is not like Delanies. I guess here we will get medals for bad behaviour. By the time Paul Hills and Grace leave the pub the unit becomes one again. Panda, Amos and the production girls arrive, they are determined that this crew sans Hills can get into Delanies. I am not so sure, after our Twitter campaign and Hamers hardly discreet filming of last week’s group barring. I think that we will still be present in the memories of the door staff.

Panda leads the way, his mouth is swollen and has abscess looks like it must be agony. But he is determined to take us there, he has become the pied piper od pissed-ville. We all imitate Paul Hills. “Good Panda Goooooddddd!” thank God he is not hear to hear it our someone would be sacrificed.

We arrive at Delainies and the same door team are on. They eye us suspiciously. Key’s boyfriend is asked for ID. He produces his passport. The door man says “Mate this is out of day by just over a month” everyone is stumped, where will we go. Paul Hamer approaches the door man and says “It might be out of date, mate: however it is still a document that proves he is old enough to get in” The door man blinks twice and looks around at no one, he is thinking. “I didn’t say he couldn’t get in. I was just pointing it out in case the kid wanted to go on holiday or something” We file in and I find myself crying with laughter. I must be really Drunk.

Panda grabs me for a chat to be honest I knew that this was coming. He is really feeling the heat and he wants to unload. As a documentary maker I know I shouldn’t do this. In fact I should refuse to talk to him and just film his despaired but I guess we have gone beyond that now. Paul and my detachment has long gone. We are no longer observers we are participants who have been assimilated into the Power family. Too tell the truth I don’t mind, we have more footage then I have ever shot on a project like this already and we still have weeks to go. The problem for the documentary now is which one of the hundreds of paths we have do we follow. All my early anxt has gone. I am now just along for the ride.

Panda and I find an old confessional both upstairs in the pub, how ironic. You can’t make up shit like this. Panda’s fear and loathing is greater than I expected. He knows he is about to walk into the valley of death, he knows that I know that too. We all do! But he signed up for the most thankless task in the world and he is just going to have to man up.

“If only we had another two days” he repeats again and again and again. I tell him he doesn’t and he will find a solution. I try to explain to him that Hills and Forstater would not jeopardise the whole project. There are back up plans (or are there) that he just unaware of. I try to reassure him that film making is always a bit like this. I hate lying but what else can I do for the kid.

Panda appears to be reassured, maybe it’s the heady mix of lots of alcohol and pain killers, but one thing is for sure after the confessional and a few tears the little shit is back in full swing. Jess look out!!!!

The drink pulls us all into a club called Havana’s. Things are getting sketchy, the group is thinning. Where is Hamer. I’m hungry. Donna Kebab!! Where are we? Sunday, later today. Today is Sunday. Oh God save me from Sunday, Sunday is going to be Satanic.

Ian Manson – Film Maker.