About Ian Manson

Taken on Set of the film ‘The Devil’s Bargain’.

It’s so hard to write about yourself, so this is what my good friend Jonnie Hurn wrote about me for the sales pack for ‘Circles’. It’s short but to the point.

Ian Manson is an uncompromising film producer/writer who has taken no short cuts in establishing his film career. His first professional assignment was to work as first assistant director to Lindsay Shonteff (Permissive, How Sleep the Brave and Big Zappa’s Blade) on his last ever feature film Angels, Devils and Men. Lindsay has posthumously been venerated by the BFI and is described as the master of b movie filmmaking. Ian has always taken with him the lessons learned in making every 10 pounds spent in a budget look like 100 pounds on screen. His next projects were collaborations with Caleb Lindsay (winner of the London Film Festival for understanding Jane”) on their project  Seven Seconds to Heaven as both co-writer and Producer, then with Steve Norris on an art house piece called A short film about a Polish film director, which exhibited at Tate Modern as part of the personality plus show.

Through a new friendship with Jonnie Hurn, Ian joined the Monk3ys Ink team which have produced four feature films Umbrage the First Vampire, Monk3ys (Raindance Film Festival micro-budget award) Black Smoke Rising and more recently  The Long Wave Goodbye,  currently in post-production. Ian has also worked with Paul Hills on his most recent feature film The Power and with Peter Dixon on his Dogma 95 inspired film  Set Piece. Ian is  currently  working with Jonnie Hurn and Mark Forstater (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) on an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s King John. He has also written Skinny Buddha a feature which goes into production at the beginning 2014.