Manson V Hill’s .. What about the Black Eyed Kid, did you hear him shouting.

If in doubt, blame Panda, a truely first class A.D.

Monday arrives all too soon and Panda our first Ad looks like the day off has made no difference at all. I wonder if he is called Panda because of the big black bin bags that engulf his eyes? I suspect that it is more likely to be that he is the only boy who wears eye liner in his village. He is Welsh after all. It makes me question Paul Hills the one voice we hear all the time is a valley boy (did he do this as a form of torture) “Quiet on set, were going for a take, role sound….” Nice guy but fucking hell why Welsh. It is like a bad song that gets stuck in your head. Think “Radar Love” by Golden Earing. Fit Panda into any aspect of the song artist combination. My thoughts are “Panda Love” in his Golden Ring… Fucking Valley Boys!!!!!

As you can see tiredness has hit all of us hard. Yet somehow the bitchyness and histrionics have not invaded this set yet. I am surprised given the youth and inexperience here. I think that having an almost identical male to female ration is helping. But mark my words the Queen bitch is a coming of that you can be sure. I almost want to go to the Royal Bank of Coral and place a bet on which day she will rear her ugly head.

Hamer and I are only here for another two days before we are of on a break. Paul Hills is putting us under untold pressure to change the way we work. He wants us to be here full time. He has asked me to quit my job as a chef and “Just do it!” It is a big ask as we are paid by deferral how will I survive when I get back to Reading without a job and no money.

It also would compromise mine and Paul Hamer’s creative journey. We have planned and discussed our methodologies for two years and done several successful documentaries based upon these values and working practices why should we change this now. More importantly if we were to be here full time it would change everything. Our relationships with cast and crew would have to be different and we have already started this process. But is that a bad thing.. Change is good sometimes.

The next two days are the same. We watch the battle lines between Magda and Jess being played out on tiny monitors just a few feet away from where they are locked in the set. Darkness wraps her savage blanket around me. I feel tears all too often rolling down my face, what I am watching is truly special. Magical, humbling it is bigger than all of us. And what feels like every success for Paul Hills and the Power is a direct failure for Ian Manson and the Making of Documentary Team as all we are able to film are screams in the dark. I am glad we are going home soon. I need time to think and regroup.

At lunch I ask Paul Hills for ten minutes to do his first interview proper.  In reality everything I have from him so far is 30 second sound bites. He obviously agrees, Paul and I set up in the green room and we are rolling tape before he enters. I know that he is pressed for time and has one objective; He wants to be on film praising the heroics of Magda. If I was him I would too, it’s his job to do this. I however, don’t want this I have been planning this for weeks. I need more than this. Let the battle begin. “You employ a considered psychodynamic process to how your cast meet, how they are likely to react. Could you talk about that?” Paul was not expecting this, he is like rabbits in the headlights. His eyes widen and he smiles broadly as the pieces fall into place, he sits forward intently and starts to speak.

Forty five minutes later Chiara enters the room. “I am sorry to interrupt but there is an entire film crew trying to work and they are missing a director” She grabs his hand and tries to move him. “Just five more minuets Chiara please… this is important”

The documentary has begun…..

Ian Manson Documentary Film Maker